Dress Code/Dance Attire

REMINDERMembers are responsible for their guest’s attire and behavior at all events.  Members or guests who are dressed inappropriately will not be admitted to the party.  They may go home, change into appropriate attire and return to the function.  Members are responsible for informing guests of Elan Cotillion’s dress code.

For all Elan events, modesty and appropriateness is expected.

SPECIFIC ATTIRE FOR SOCIAL EVENTS / DANCE PARTIES is located under the grade level tab.

Junior Classes (7th and 8th grades)  SHOES MUST REMAIN ON AT ALL TIMES.

  • Back to School- Theme
  • Fall Dance- Theme
  • Snow Ball – Semi-formal
  • Swing into Spring – Theme

Senior Classes (9th through 12th grades) SHOES MUST REMAIN ON AT ALL TIMES.

  • Back to School- Theme
  • Snow Ball – Semi-formal
  • Swing into Spring – Theme

Members are personally responsible for the choices they make in dress, and are to attend in only the appropriate attire as follows:


  1. Dress or skirt, and slit in dress cannot be higher than three inches above the knee.
  2. Dresses and skirts need to be loose and modest.  They cannot be the tube top, form fitting style of dress or skirt.
  3. Blouse, spaghetti straps, strapless tops and necklines must be modest and unrevealing. Lingerie must not be visible.
  4. Slacks, capri (midcalf length) pants cannot be super low rising or midriff attire. No jeans of any style or color.
  5. Dress shoes or sandals only. No beach flip-flops. Shoes MUST remain on at all times.


  1. Dress khaki’s or slack cannot be low hanging or baggy. No jeans of any style.
  2. Shirt with a collar tucked in at all times.
  3. Belt
  4. Dress shoes or deck shoes only. No sandals or tennis shoes. Shoes MUST remain on at all times.
Chaperones are expected to dress according to party specifications.
Members dressed inappropriately will be given an infraction notice.

Dressy Casual attire means the same dress as dance sessions.

Semi-formal attire for boys means slacks, shirt with a collar, tie, and dress shoes. A jacket is optional.

Semi-formal attire for girls means a dress (not long formal dress) or dressy pantsuit, and dress shoes which MUST remain on at all times.

Theme follows invitation instructions. Themed attire may not be removed.