Senior Cotillion Chaperone Duties

Parent Chaperones for all Elan events are assigned and are mandatory.

Reminders will be sent two weeks prior to the event.  If you are unable to work your assigned day, you will need to find a replacement.  A substitute list will be posted on the website by August.  Once you have secured a replacement, please notify Anisa Politz at

**Failure to fulfill your chaperone assignment will
forfeit the members next Elan social event.**

Chaperones are assigned to strictly enforce Elan policies.

REMINDERS. Our Chaperone Coordinator, Nicole Wester, will send out a reminder of assignments two weeks before a party via email.  If you are unable to fulfill your assignment, it is your responsibility to find a replacement.  Please forward your replacement’s name to

ARRIVAL TO EVENTS. Chaperones are to arrive 30 minutes before the start of the party and 15 minutes before a dance session.  Upon arrival, the chaperones are to check with the Board Member in charge of chaperones and receive their assignment for the party.

ATTIRE. Chaperones are expected to dress according to party specifications.


  • No gum chewing, smoking or contraband (alcohol, weapons, etc) are allowed.
  • Members and guests are to dress appropriately as was indicated on the party invitation and handbook.
  • Members or guests who are dressed inappropriately will not be admitted to the party. They can call home for appropriate attire to be brought to them or may go home, change into appropriate attire and return to the function
  • Shirts are to stay tucked in.
  • Chaperones should immediately speak to any member or guest who are in violation of rules and ask them to correct their behavior.  If correction does not occur or there is a question of contraband, contact a Board Member and point out the offending member or guest.  Board member will escort them to the Detention area and find the Elan Board member in-charge.
  • Chaperones are to notify a board member of any violations to rules and policies so that an Infraction slip can be completed.
  • Chaperones will be stationed outside the front of the club/facility at the drop-off area to help direct safe unloading and loading of members and guests into cars.
  • Welcome members/guests and direct them to registration table.
  • If a member or guest is inappropriately dressed for party, he/she will not be allowed to attend.  If unable to advise parent as member and guest is dropped off, send member and guest to detention area.
  • Keep members and guests from going into street by themselves.  Members and their guests are not allowed to walk to cars and skip the carpool line.
  • Assist driving youth to get safely from/to parking lot.
  • Board Members and the Sheriff’s will MONITOR ACTIVITIES ON DANCE FLOOR.  Chaperones will monitor activities IN RESTROOMS, AROUND FOOD TABLES AND COAT CHECK AREA
  • Chaperones are expected to take an active role in maintaining discipline during the party.
  • No horseplay, fighting, playing with food, serious displays of affection or disrespectful behavior will be tolerated.
  • Chaperones will assist members and guests with checking jackets, purses and overnight bags.  It will be explained to members and guests once items are checked they will not be available until the end of the party.  We have supplies in the ladies room if needed.
  • Members or guests are not allowed to leave earlier than 15 minutes prior to the end of the party without prior approval.
  • Chaperones will correct members and guests using strictly verbal means only.
  • Board Member in Charge will take repeat offenders to the detention room.
  • Chaperones will advise in-charge board members of any disciplinary problems (exceptionally disruptive or exhibits inappropriate behavior or language) or if any contraband items are suspected so that an infraction slip can be completed or removed from the premises.